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Yama by His Grace

Help me Help Others is Yamary Avila’s purpose through the Yama By His Grace lifestyle brand, aiming to create positive social impact in artisanal communities through her philanthropic work.
Ethically sourced and artisan-made, Yama By His Grace collections support dignified work for underserved communities and local foundations.
We are different because we offer:
Exclusive, luxury sustainable fashion accessory collections, that are one-of-a-kind and with unique limited designs
Our sales support the company’s philanthropic purpose of Improving and Giving Back to the artisans manufacturing Yama By His Grace designs, and to local not-for-profit organizations.
Owners of Yama by His Grace’s jewelry, bags and accessories can feel good about looking stunning showcasing unique pieces, while helping those who proudly earn a living by producing these pieces. Yamary Avila’s brave message of God’s promise of abundance and love reflected through nature and acts of kindness, are the drive behind the creation of each unique piece.

It’s more blessed to give thant to receive Act 20:35

Origens Collection

Stunning Earrings

The Origens represents compassion, creativity, reliability, loyalty and Gods love through nature


The Creation Collection

Spiritual Edition


Black & White Fiber

Exclusive Collection



Impressive, modern and iconic women's fashion bags.

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Workshops coming SOON | The Yama by his Grace experience...

The Yama by his Grace experience is perfect for birthday parties, team building, family celebrations, GNO's and any other reason you can think of to gather and celebrate!

7075 Kingspointe pkway unit # 9 Orlando FL 32819

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Saturday by Appointment

Help me, Help Others

Promoting Conscious purchases and doing a philantropic work to create social impact in artisanal Communities and local Foundations.We Given Back, Spreading the Nature Power through each Yama by His Grace design.